I am an artist, designer and maker - my work embraces all of these disciplines in varying degrees. Creating one-off pieces with my hands is something I have always enjoyed, and it has become the main focus of my work in recent times. I like to create using traditional, analog processes, combining these with a contemporary design approach. I enjoy working in a variety of media including painting, printmaking and collage alongside embroidery, appliqué and quilting.

I am a printed textile designer by training, and fabrics have always played a large part in my practice - whether in designing prints for fashion and interiors or, more recently, creating one-off artworks made from cloth and thread.

My work is sometimes figurative, sometimes abstract, but always based around my love of strong shapes, textural mark-making, dynamic colour combinations and clean, crisp lines. I try to inhabitant a space where considered simplicity meets thoughtful decoration. Attention to detail is essential in my work, with quality of both materials and finish being of great importance.

Forms and shapes from nature, simplified or accentuated, frequently appear in my pieces, although I draw from a wide and eclectic range of influences - among them historical textiles, sculpture, ceramics and graphic art. 

Photo credit: Jo Irvine